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Many of InSight’s clients provide support for the U.S. Government’s involvement in countries overseas through contracts or sub-contracts with various government entities. Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage for flight and ground crews overseas is not only vital to the protection of our clients and their employees, it is also mandatory for government contractors. Although designed to provide benefits similar to worker’s compensation coverage, DBA coverage is unfortunately excluded from most standard worker’s compensation policies.

InSight has worked to understand the intricacies of DBA exposures and ensure that our clients have access to the best coverage and terms available in the marketplace. While our focus is primarily flight contractors, we are also able to assist non-aviation contractors with their DBA needs.

- What is the Defense Base Act ?
- Read the actual U.S. Code on DBA
- What are DBA Benefits ?
- Who is required to have DBA Coverage ?
- What are the consequences of failing to obtain DBA Coverage ?