Welcome to the Airtech Insurance Information Page

This area allows each pilot to maintain an up-to-date pilot information form for insurance purposes. Instead of re-submitting a paper form each year, you may use this form to enter your information once, and then update and print as needed. Your information will be saved in a password protected file which is accessible only to you and the site administrators.

  1. You may change your assigned password and username by editing them in the "Pilot Info" section.
  2. Sections are provided for "Pilot Information", "Ratings", "Flight Hours" and "Incidents".
  3. As you navigate among the forms, your data will be automatically saved whenever you select a new section.
  4. You may select "Print" to create a Pilot Information Form that is savable to or printable from your computer.
  5. When you select "Exit" your session is completed and all current information is saved.
  6. To access yor file again, simply return to the site and enter your Username and Password.
  7. All instructions, and various "Help" tools are available within the form.

This area allows authorized users to access current aircraft insurance information, order insurance certificates and request insurance coverage changes.

Please note that use of this service requires your agreement to the following conditions:

  1. Insurance coverages, terms and conditions are determined by the actual insurance contract between Demo Aviation Corp and the insurer.
  2. Electronic change requests are not binders of insurance and no coverages can be changed, added or deleted except by an authorized representative. 
  3. Requested changes are not effective until you receive notification from your agent.
  4. Requested changes are not guaranteed to become effective on the requested change date.
  5. All coverage changes are subject to premium revisions as determined by the insurer.
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